«My tastes are simple: I am easily satisfied with the best!»
W. Churchill

HR-boutique UNIQA is a new level of search for the people that you need. We appreciate Your time, we are able to be flexible, mobile and are always ready to offer individual solutions based on a deep analysis and understanding of your business.

Versatile experience and wide professional networking of our consultants allows you to quickly fill vacancies of any complexity. We successfully work all over the world – from Silicon Valley to China — and can always offer you specialists from anywhere in the world.

During our history, we have accumulated a lot of experience in the field of search and selection of key leaders not only for large business in the field of IT, energy and production, but also for start-up projects.

We follow the client, always stay in touch and know how to make the best professionals of the industry become part of your team.

We’re not detectives! But we do know how to search!

Experience of professionals

We know that people are the most valuable resource. Therefore, our team consists of confident professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the field of recruitment. Our leading consultants are well known in the market!

Individual approach

We are attentive to the details, so we are able to find the best candidates exclusively for your tasks! We are open and honest, follow ethical principles and value partnership with our clients.

Fast and quality solutions

We know the market and understand the needs of our clients. Therefore, we will always offer you only proven candidates, and only in the shortest possible time.

What we do

Executive Search

Are you looking for a Manager or a top manager? We know where and how to find key leaders and leading professionals in our industry. If such a specialist exists, we can make him a part of your business.

Selection of mid-level specialists

Are you urgently need an expert capable of solving current problems? We are able to look for high-class employees who will bring real benefit to Your business. Thanks to the high-quality selection, the provided specialists will become an integral part of your company.

Recruitment outsourcing

Does your company need a number of effective specialists? We will take on all the tasks of search and recruitment of the required qualification and will do it within the agreed period. A team of professional consultants will focus exclusively on Your project and close all necessary positions, providing centralized reporting on all recruitment issues.

Competitor analysis

Do you strive to attract only the best market specialists to your business? We will develop a detailed HR — map of your business segment: we will analyze the organizational structures of competitors, study their management staff, and provide an overview of the earned wages, motivation systems and personal qualities of key employees in the market.

Employment of expats

Do you want to see a high-level foreign specialist in your team? We are ready to solve this problem: from the initial appeal to the state bodies to the employee receiving all the necessary permits and access to the workplace.



My credo: «Let’s do the impossible, others will manage the possible without us»
Education: Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping

About work experience
Some people call headhunting a hard work, some call it a Human resourse department on outsorcing but I regard it as a matter of my life. First I had a law school degree, than an ordinary work… after 12 years I started thinking about my own business. I imagined a company that would unite enthusiastic & goal oriented people aimed at one value — creativity. And it worked out. But how many sleepless nights we had to achieve it all. Speaking about my favorite part of the business I would mention top managers and rare specialists recruiting. Yep, I’m talking about a market elite that you cannot reach for years if you are not comply passion and experience. I do comply and if you have a candidate request — be sure I’m already working on it.
Personal background
I love movies, art, mountaineering and filling complex vacancies. I consider my profession to be one of the most creative, dynamic and helping to develop all-around.



My credo: «Do what you love. Love what you do»
Education: Plekhanov Russian University of Economics
About work experience
Profession & professionalism are not the same. Here at UNIQA we unite not just professionals but almost magicians: people who adore solving challenging tasks. I am happy to be a part of such team and to grow together. By the way, speaking about those tasks. My favorite one — an IT people search. For seven years in got one thing clear there are no superior professionals but there are wrong offers. Today I work with my own team & so experienced in IT sphere that can manage a test task for SW developer by myself.
Personal background
I love extreme sports, speed and proving risk. Recruitment is very important aspect of my life. I love my profession. I aspire to develop into a highly qualified professional constantly improving myself.



My credo: «Shine always, shine everywhere!»
Education: Moscow Energetic Institute; Graduate Studies Program Singularity University, NASA Research Park, Silicon Valley
About work experiance
I have been working in recruitment for the last 10 years. I have fulfilled more than 500 recruitment projects of middle and top classes including international search. As a Head of HR department at Svyaznoy C. R. e-project, part of Svyaznoy Group I was responsible for recruitment, motivation system development, HR record management and internal communications. I was at the head of regional recruitment of IT-professionals at Deutsche Bank. Within the Career Center «Skolkovo» development project I was in charge of strategy development and implementation, development of «IT» and «Energy efficiency» areas, staff search and recruitment for IT-companies and energetic sector, and HR-consulting projects. I have worked for 5 years for the following recruitment agencies: Luxoft Personnel (top-management and IT-specialists recruitment at investment banks and internal recruitment projects) and Norman Consulting (FMCG sector).
Personal background
I studied at Energetic Institute. I guess this may be the reason why being energetic is a crucial property of my character. Any challenge is a chance for me to prove that anything impossible is actually possible when you have an aspiration combined with diligence. My colleagues say I have a good sense of humor and I think this is true. I am very optimistic about life and believe that success is inevitable. Recently I started running half marathons in different countries and now I am dreaming of running marathon.



My credo: «To reach the goal, you should first of all move to it»
Education: HR Management (Moscow Aviation Institute)
About work experience
I’ve met a lot of people who don’t taking seriously an important life aspect such as a job search. Unfortunately this might lead to the disharmony in our being, since work performance taking a huge part of our everyday life. However, what would happen if everyone will find a dream job and bring maximum benefit to the society? Perhaps the world going to change and might become more beautiful, and life will be much more happy! I’m really lucky since I do my favorite thing — recruitment. By dint of my dynamic work I help other people to find a dream job.
Personal background
I’m in love with my job. Nevertheless traveling, reading and cinematography is my passion.

Sergey Rubakov

Product Director SmartPrice

I’m delighted working with UNIQA team! From the very beginning of the interaction UNIQA managed to put the flow of relevant candidates and a large number of interviews ending job offers. We plan to continue working together and build up our team of specialists with their help.

Tom Melcher

Founder and CEO of Show Score

The UNIQA team easily understood our needle-in-a-haystack requirements, and then only proposed qualified candidates. I never wasted time on low quality interviews, and appreciated their ability to bring candidates quickly through our complex evaluation process. Though I’ve never actually met the UNIQA team in person, I feel as if they’re members of our team!

Igal Zak

Founder Game Enders Ltd

I am very please to provide this letter of recommendation to Natalia and her agency! I have been constantly impressed with Natalia’s attitude since the first day we contacted her with our list of hiring requirements. During the entire time she stayed on top of the recruitment process, interviewing and collecting feedback, and never let go until we had all positions filled with the right people.
Additionally, Natalia possesses deep knowledge of the IT sector, and was instrumental in introducing us to the right candidates right away. She is a has a superior understanding of the Russian market, which we really found helpful as a newcomer.
I will gladly serve as a reference for her and her agency, and highly recommend her for the recruitment job for literally any IT position.

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E-mail: info@uniqa-recruitment.com